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Dollhouse Miniatures.  An Online *CLUB* , especially for people who can't attend local club meetings.  Projects, How-To seminars, answers to questions about minis - anything dollhouse miniature related.
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  • Mini Cyber Club Recycle/Sales - Buy and Sell mini, including tools and supplies for minis.
    MCC *NAME members* Only to Buy and Sell. Here is a place to list your "can't find a home for" minis - downsizing, too much "stuff,"  have extra's, want an item to go to a scene that really wants it. etc.  And - find that item you have been looking for. Sale of items and prices are not to be posted on *This site is for* NAME members who want to *Buy  or Sell - or look for an item .* Please, email the seller privately with personal information.  Include in post:  email address, scale(s), new or used, material (resin, wood, fimo, metal, etc.).  Photos can be uploaded to Photos, with a cross reference (info on Photo) on post about item(s) for sale. Our sales policy on MCC is as follows: No advertising of merchandise for sale is allowed on  Main MCC posts. If members post questions about where to find specific items, members are welcome to post a link to a site (including their own site) that carries that item(s) but no prices can be mentioned. Links in taglines are acceptable.
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